Established in





100 m²

Beach distance

50 m

City distance

1,5 km


The Mediterranean Hotel is a luxurious hotel, located 1,5km from the capital of Karpathos Pigadia, in a quiet and safe territory by the sea.
Having its own private, long beach with clean water and tranquil environment and also a big pool with a bar, it offers many options to its visitors, from a quiet breakfast by the pool to a noisy night drink, while dancing under the moonlight.

All of its rooms have a splendid view of the sea and the green surroundings of the land of Karpathos. The rooms also offer the commodity of an A/C, a big parking space and for those who want everything, television, refrigerator and satellite (NOVA) are also available.

The Mediterranean Hotel offers low prices and the opportunity to reserve a room on the internet, by visiting the Reservations page.

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