Karpathos, an island ideal for peaceful vacation, has an exceptional landscape beauty, due to the fact that it pulses with picturesque beaches and has many morphological alternations, as the southern part is plain while the central and the northern part are mountainous, composing a peculiar but interesting icon.

The island of Karpathos belongs to the Dodecanese Islands cluster and it located at the southern part of the cluster, very close to the island Kassos. Karpathos covers an area of 301 sq. km., has a coastline of 160 km and has 6.500 inhabitants.

Karpathos or Pigadia is the capital and the main port of the island where the imposing rock with the ruins of the acropolis prevails. At this beautiful settlement with the traditional houses you will also see the church of Agia Kyriaki, the ruins of the paleochristian basilica of Agia Fotini, the pine forest and the cave of Poseidon.


“My best vacation is somewhere
I could hide, somewhere warm
and not a lot of people around.”

– Derek Jeter

…is Mediterranean hotel


Karpathos International Airport (AOK) serves as the entry point for most of the visitors to Karpathos. Olympic Air has direct flight from Athens (ATH) to Karpathos (AOK) and from Karpathos to Athens. Olympic Air also has flights from the islands of Rhodes (RHO) and Kasos (KSJ) to Karpathos and from Karpathos to Rhodes and Kassos.


During the summer season, several charter airlines from European destinations serve the island. The charter airline companies of Air Berlin from Düsseldorf (DUS) and Munich (MUC) in Germany, and Austrian Airline from Graz (GRZ) Austria, Tui from the Netherlands respectively, all have direct flights to Karpathos.


It is also possible to visit Karpathos by ferry boat. As of June 11, 2009 the ferry company of ANEK provides ferry boats to Karpathos. Ferries may be boarded to Karpathos from the ports of: Piraeus, Rhodes, Heraklion, Milos, Anafi, Sitia, Santorini, Chalki and Kasos.

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